by Live For What Lasts

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released March 31, 2016

Tracked/Mixed/Mastered by Brandon Garrison.



all rights reserved


Live For What Lasts Southern Pines, North Carolina

Hardcore from Southern Pines, NC.

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Track Name: Hope//Faith
I'm losing hope, my faith is running out. I'm losing it, hitting my breaking point every day. I've learned to deal with the loss I've been dealt. I've learned I can't do this alone.
Just because I haven't found the light above, does it mean I'm not meant to be saved? No No.
For a person meant to do nothing but show love, hypocrisy surrounds your every word. Fuck you.

My path is blind lend me your hand. Shine your light take me away.

These voices in my head, I can't let them in.
These demons, I can't let them win.

I cant push on any longer.
Track Name: Cold Grip (Ft. Good With Anything)
When the hourglass has ran dry, it's up to you and I to make things right again. Let the sand sink from bottom to top. Rewind time.
Start new.
Start now.

Death does not have his cold grip upon my neck.
There's no giving in not this time around.
I will not succumb to failure. I will not give in.
But when you turned your back on me, I lost everything.
When you turned your back on me. i lost it all.

You should have taken my life, when you had the chance. I'm standing right here.
squeeze the life from my lungs. Breathe your air in to my veins. Take me now.

Reaper swing your scythe.
Father take my life.
Track Name: Losing Teeth
I've had the same dream every night. I can't seem to get these thoughts out of my mind.
I'm losing sleep over you. You've got a hold on me. I can't let go.
I'm losing teeth. In every dream. It's been years and I can't seem to let these feelings cease to exist.
Is it you, or is it me. Everything is not as it seems. Is it you or is it me. I'm bursting at the seams.
Your eyes are the same as mine. I wish you could see what I've seen. And see what I've been through for you.
And it makes me wonder. If I look as pathetic in your eyes, as I do in my own eyes.

Your first love, a lesson learned in life is all I'll ever be. I held on too tight, becoming the anchor in your life. So cut me down and let me drown. Is it you or is it me. Everything is not as it seems. Is it you or is it me. I'm bursting at the seams.
maybe one day, you'll learn to love again.
Maybe one day, you'll learn to feel more comfortable in your own skin.
Maybe one day we'll walk side by side. But until then I'll take the road less traveled with my life.

I'm done.

Fuck it.
Track Name: Waste
Did I ever mean a thing to you, or anyone?
And when I come back home, will you be there waiting for me?
When you're all alone, do you still think of me or am I just wasting my time?
Cause I'd be honest if I said I understand, but I'd be lying if I say I'd be okay.

Never been more certain about anything in my entire life. As much as i need you now.
I am weak. I cannot stand the weight of the world crashing around me.

I cannot stand the shaking of my hands. Or the beating of my heart when you're around.

Keep hope keep faith.

Waiting for The day, To come. When you call me up out of the blue and tell me. You need me too.

Wherever your heart beats I will be a phone call away.

When you fall asleep at night, am I still the man in your dreams, am I still the face you see?